Hello everyone in the web wide world!!!!

Today for me isnt an ordinary day because for my many years being on Facebook,creating email adds,watching videos through youtube,,And now  Chaddddaaaaaannnanaan!!! i cant believe i am on WordPress typing my very first post..( I am super EXCITED)

but before i look forward to more posts here,i must say i am very much a newbie to this kind of stuffs but this is very interesting..

I am just a simple asian girl who wants to publish my thoughts,connect to people and hopefully learn lots of things and be better with blog  posts everyday.

i would really love to learn from all of you guys who have been blogging and writing articles…///!!!well some said it doesnt have to be gramatically perfect,,just write whatever pops up from my head,,definitely i am sure i will find people who share the same interests in music,relationships,family and etc..

See yah guys!!!