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Luxury of Living in A Small TOwn part1 — May 9, 2015

Luxury of Living in A Small TOwn part1

I am always excited for the summer season because it is the season for our Water Apple tree in our backyard to bear fruits..Some call this Watery Rose Apple. This tree can only grow best on countries with Sub-tropical or Tropical climates like in Asian region.

This fruit has a fruity and crispy flesh like of an apple. But this is not a kind of apple.IMG_20150507_100449IMG_20150507_100452

starting something new… — April 18, 2015

starting something new…

Hello everyone in the web wide world!!!!

Today for me isnt an ordinary day because for my many years being on Facebook,creating email adds,watching videos through youtube,,And now  Chaddddaaaaaannnanaan!!! i cant believe i am on WordPress typing my very first post..( I am super EXCITED)

but before i look forward to more posts here,i must say i am very much a newbie to this kind of stuffs but this is very interesting..

I am just a simple asian girl who wants to publish my thoughts,connect to people and hopefully learn lots of things and be better with blog  posts everyday.

i would really love to learn from all of you guys who have been blogging and writing articles…///!!!well some said it doesnt have to be gramatically perfect,,just write whatever pops up from my head,,definitely i am sure i will find people who share the same interests in music,relationships,family and etc..

See yah guys!!!

its free and I am Lovin it! —